U.S. Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

37Reasons.com was a daily get-out-the-vote blog created by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to increase awareness of their core issues in the month leading up the 2006 general election.

The design was a provocative and urban-underground influence propaganda theme that was outside the normal designs of the Chamber and meant to provoke a response from other segments of the voting population.

On the 37Reasons.com blog, a new reason to get out and vote was featured each day; however, in lieu of the standard Chamber messaging, the reasons were presented in a “snarky” and somewhat provocative way to encourage discussion and dissemination across the blogosphere.

A sampling of the reasons included:

The goal was to deliver the Chamber's get out the vote message in a different and engaging way that would appeal to new audiences and break through the clutter of the dozens of GOTV efforts underway in 2006.

This goal was definitely met. Dozens of blogs wrote about this "propaganda" effort by the Chamber and debates on their pro-business reasons to vote were seeded on these venues – as well as on 37reasons.com itself.

As a result of this site the themes and messages of the interests of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce were spread to new audience, new Internet sites, and were top of mind for voters in the weeks and days before the election.

Previously stodgy pro-business issues and talking points we revived as items for discussion across the Internet. The playful and subversive look and feel of the site threw the standard oppositional groups for a loop, as it was not something they expected from the Chamber.

While many of the Chamber’s endorsed candidates lost on election night, the 37Reasons.com site broke through the din and provided one more change to get pro-business messages in front of voters just prior to the election.

The site was in a blog format, so the discussion in the comments section was, in a word, active. Video clips from the Chamber were also featured on the blog to further increase the "stickiness" of the site and keep the number of daily return visitors as high in the last month before the election.